Wedding Entertainment Ideas: Top 7 Ideas for Your Reception

All women dream of the perfect wedding; Stop dreaming and start planning! We all want certain elements of our wedding to be unique. Let’s start with the most fun part: the wedding reception. Here are a few wedding entertainment ideas that will get your creative juices flowing.

1) So hot in here!

There is no better way to heat things up at a wedding reception than a fire breather! This is a perfect after dinner act that is interactive and fun. Your guests will be amazed as the entertainer seemingly exhales a plume of fire as though it were as easy as taking a breath. Warning: Make sure you are hiring a trained professional as fire breathing can be dangerous.

2) Abracadabra!

Love is in the air so bring out the love birds! Magic is an ancient form of entertainment that hasn’t lost it’s ability to fascinate. Keep your guests entertained by having a musician tour the tables performing card tricks, coin illusions, and even making live doves appear and disappear before the food arrives.

3) Ain’t no party like a Hollywood party.

People love parties and really love parties with celebrities. So have your favorite celebrity look-alikes show up at the reception to mix and mingle and take pictures with your guests! You can have Madonna, Queen Latifa, Matt Damon, or even Queen at your wedding!

4) Do ray me fa so la ti do.

If you want interactive, fun entertainment that will leave all of your guests talking, opera singing waiters is the choice for you! This will bring something unique to your reception that everyone will enjoy.

5) Grab a prop and strike a pose!

Photo booths have been around for decades but they reemerged as a popular wedding entertainment option just a few years ago. This is a great ice breaker for the dead time at the start of the reception. You and your guests will love the fun props and quality photos! The photo strips can be printed and given to guests to take home. Create a scrapbook/guestbook and include a copy of guests’ photo strips with little notes of encouragement for the bride and groom.

6) Now that’s funny!

If you want a fun idea that is great for a daytime wedding, have a caricaturist draw you and your guests! Provide him with a digital camera so you get a look at each caricature he creates.

7) Shake it like a salt shaker!

What’s a party without a little alcohol? And you can’t have alcohol without a bartender! Hire a bartender that doesn’t just pour drinks; Hire a skilled mixer that can create the world’s favorite cocktails with flair and style. Maybe they can even do a little juggling!

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