Photo Booth for Your Memphis Event: To Rent or Not to Rent

Are you wondering if a photo booth is the right choice for your next event in Memphis, TN? Think no more!

Photo booths are the perfect entertainment option for weddings, birthday parties, trade shows, proms, corporate events, and more!

Have you ever walked into a reception hall to see others standing around or walking around aimlessly? Everyone is trying to find something to do to fill the awkward silence. This is where the photo booth comes in. Photo booths provide an answer to the question, “When does the party start?” With a photo booth, the party starts as soon as the doors open. Don’t make your guests sit down at that empty table to wait to be herded like sheep to the food line and then to the dance floor. Allow your guests to enjoy themselves from start to finish by giving them the ultimate party entertainment option.

Don’t waste anymore money on personalized pens, candles, koozies, matchboxes, or candies. Customized photo strips make great, memorable party favors that your guests will want to hold on to forever.

Remember, not all of your guests like to dance! Having a photo booth at your party will help get those wallflowers up and having a great time. And, the booth is great for guests of all ages. Whether your guests are one or one hundred, we guarantee everyone will love a photo booth!

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