Corporate Photo Booth Rental: A Branding Idea That Works

In order to brand your event effectively, you have to do more than just stick your company logo on a few napkins and posters. Successful branding for a corporate event requires not only guests seeing your brand but also engaging your audience. You must create a unique experience for your guests. Get them involved by having them promote your brand without them even realizing it.

Here’s an idea that will allow you to get your brand into the hands of many without force feeding it to them. This unique idea can be used at launch parties, conferences, brand anniversaries, galas and more.

Rent a fully customizable photo booth for your event. Photo booth companies that provide corporate services will most definitely offer this option. You can wrap the exterior of the booth with your branding, create a custom

backdrop with your logo, and even provide guests with customized photo strips with your branding included. There is no better way to engage your guests than to entertain them with a custom branded photo booth.

The most beneficial feature of a photo booth for corporate events is not even the fun and exciting entertainment it provides. It’s the opportunities outside of the event that are so great! Photo booths now allow users to post their branded photo strips to social media outlets and text and email them to friends. This provides you access to a web of contacts that are able to see your brand associated with smiling faces that didn’t even attend your event.

By inserting a hashtag in Facebook and Twitter uploads, you can promote your social media outreach with every guest upload.

We aren’t done yet. Photo booth softwares can also store users’ email addresses, Facebook and Twitter usernames, as well as other valuable Facebook user info. Combine this with social media reports and you have data collection that provides insight into users.

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