Annual Company Christmas Party: A Must Do for Employers!

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” If you believe this, your employees do to. If you don’t believe this, your employees still do, so embrace it!

If you have thrown a Christmas party for your employees in the past, you know that this event is often talked about for weeks prior to the party and weeks after.

There are many ways that your company can benefit greatly just from throwing a party for your employees.

You know what they say…”Happy staff are productive staff.” This could not be any more true. In Dr. Noelle Nelson’s book, “Make More Money by Making Your Employees Happy,” she cites a study from the Jackson Organization which shows, “companies that effectively appreciate employee value enjoy a return on equity & assets more than triple that experienced by firms that don’t. There is no better way to show your employees that you appreciate them than throwing them a party and there is no better time to do this than the holiday season!

You must work hard over time to build the your company’s culture; It is not something that happens overnight. The Starbucks’s and Google’s of the world aren’t just big because of the products they offer; they are also known as great places to work. They go to great strides to make their employees happy at work and this has paid great dividends.

Remember these 4 things when planning your event:

1) Choose a fun venue away from the office and away from the desks that are overloaded with paperwork.

2) Hire a local DJ and a photo booth rental company to provide entertainment for the evening.

3) Feed your guests a meal they will not forget. Potluck is great but free food is better!

4) Serve alcohol at your party. A party is not a party without a little booze.

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